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U17: "Hier kommt Aleks" - Dimitrova next lucky find for Zebra squad

Duisburg (mm) - While in former times US girls like Katie Krotee and Bailey Baumbick boosted the MSV-Frauen junior teams and with young talent Ashley Leonhart currently continuing the high quality stars and stripes soccer tradition, at the start of the current season MSV Under 17 head coach Niklas Seeger fortunately added further foreign power to his squad with the signing of Aleksandra Dimitrova.

The 15 year old Greek native and current Bulgarian U17 national player provided a mixture of solid defensive power, technical quality and reliability from day one and could play a major role for this years race for the Niederrheinliga championship.

"Hier kommt Aleks" - Dimitrova next lucky find for Zebra squad

There had been lots of paperwork do for MSV officials, until Aleksandra Dimitrova finally received the green light from the FIFA, to make her soccer debut for the "Zebras" on gameday five for the Under 16 squad on October 26th, where she added a converted penalty to finally beat the Team of Mülheim Heissen 16:0. This was the last appearance for the zebra youngsters, cause even with being just 15 years old from that day on she found her solid place in the starting team of the higher-ranked U17 Niederrheinliga squad and directly started to provide defensive skills to the team.

Enough reasons to get a peek at the development of the Greek newbie. At the age of five her dad permanently took her to matches of their local Team Atromitos FC which currently competes in the Greek Super League against teams like Champions League contender Olympiakos Piräus. Being nine years old she joined another local boys soccer team and was accompanied by her brother. When he quit playing after two years, her mum fortunately received a phone call from Atromitos FC Womens Team, which had been Aleks´ favourite from day one, so with this engagement she made herself a little dream come true.

Her pleasure increased when receiving the captain's band of the second womens team in 2018, but things changed rapidly a few months later, when Aleksandra was told to move to Germany together with her mum, her brother and her sister. But this personal bad luck turned into some kind of fortune first of all for MSV Duisburg and then also for Aleks itself, cause due to her skilled performance she had been showing in her new hometown she received an invitation to a practice camp of the Bulgarian football association, where she finally was called up to the national under 17 squad.

Even Team Bulgaria finally didn´t qualified for the Elite round due to losses against Hungary and Poland, Aleksandra gathered valuable international experience with proudly wearing the Bulgarian dress in all three qualifying games and finally celebrating a 5-0 win versus Kazakhstan. The girls of MSV under 17 team coach Niklas Seeger for sure will benefit of this experience in the important second half of the season where the Zebras are together with the other new arrivals eager to march on and finish the race to the Niederrheinliga championship on a position, the team has been spotting from day one on: The first one.

And in relation to the saying, that offense wins games but the defense wins championships, the performance of Aleksandra Dimitrova and her "Ministry of Defence" could be decisive. We´re keeping the fingers crossed.

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