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MSV-Frauen: 58, 59, MOORE! - Meikayla´s goal for the history books

Duisburg (mm) - With her 1-1 equaliser against VfL Wolfsburg, MSV Duisburg defensive specialist Meikayla Moore last sunday not only ended an almost unbelievable streak of the reigning German champion, but also earned herself a place in the history books of the Allianz Frauen-Bundesliga during the clash between MSV Duisburg and VfL Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg scored goals for a remarkably total of 1201 minutes in a row without conceding goal for itself, before the New Zealand national finished that series with a beautiful header arranged by a precise free kick of Austrian teammate Barbara Dunst.

But the journey of the young woman with the number #5 on her back could reach an even higher peak this year with a possible qualification of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup for New Zealand beeing just one step away.

MSV-Fraauen: 58, 59, MOORE! - Meikayla´s goal for the history books
VfL Wolfsburg have been moving fast towards the fifth German women's football championship and the fact that the team of head coach Stephan Lerch is quite serious with its title ambitions was not only felt by the title aspirant FC Bayern Munich with their painful 0-6 defeat a few weeks ago.

The Wolfsburg powerhouse had scored 58 times in their 12 matches of the current Bundesliga, Champions League, and Cup campaign without conceding a single goal and this series even seemed to continue last weekend, when Swiss Noëlle Maritz brought her team 1-0 into the lead at MSV Duisburg in the second half.

But then after goal number 59, Meikayla Moore scored for the Zebras a little later and finished one of the longest series of German women's professional football after exactly 1201 minutes.

The 22-year-old New Zealand national, who together with Emma Rolston is looking forward to secure a ticket for her "Ferns" for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup and the Olympic Summer Games 2020 at the OFC's qualifying tournament in New Caledonia in the next few weeks, is also completely overwhelmed by what has happened since signing contract with MSV Duisburg some months ago:

"It´s the stuff I could only imagine as a kid. It is really for me, what dreams are made of. I am beyond thankful for this incredible journey I´m on."

A journey which we would like to see continued, Mousey!

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