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MSV I: Globetrotter Trio Ready To Face Bundesliga Challenge

Ready to impress - new Zebras Emma Rolston, Meikayla Moore and Claire O'Riordan (from left to rightDuisburg (mm) - When MSV Duisburg head coach Thomas Gerstner and his staff had gathered the new season's zebra squad for their first practice session last wednesday, three of the MSV newbies already had a week of free practice behind them.

Claire O'Riordan, Emma Rolston and Meikayla Moore used the additional time and obviously adapted perfectly to their new environment, willing to make some strong impressions within the season 2018/19 of the German Allianz Frauen-Bundesliga.

Here is a short introduction of the three "Globetrotters", which are preparing for the challenge of one of the strongest leagues in the world.

Globetrotter Trio Ready To Face Bundesliga Challenge
Claire O'Riordan (23)Even if having travelled the shortest distance, compared to her teammates Emma and Meikayla, Claire O'Riordan (23) is currently experiencing the biggest challenge of the trio. The Irish national player, which started collecting international merits in the qualifying round of 2015´s UEFA Women's Champions League and wore the famous shamrock jersey three times, is currently heading for next years women's World Cup qualification and already got connected to football in her early years:

"I loved playing with a football on the street with my friends, we would play mini World Cup tournaments and matches using gates as goals or even light posts and jumpers."

Emma Rolston (21)Claire, who played in the Irish league over the last years and won several titles with dominating team Wexford Youths Womens Football Club, admits that she had to acclimatize a bit to her new area, but has a very pleasant impression of her new home:
"Duisburg is a big city which I am not used of, I like small towns and not very busy streets. The club players and staff have made me feel really welcome and I like this."

"More than 10.000 miles away from home" may be a fitting headline for Emma Rolston. The 21-year-old New Zealand player, who made a strong impression with her World Cup appearances with the youth Football Ferns and switched from Australian club Sydney FC to MSV Duisburg, told us about her decision to open up a complete new chapter of football far away from home:

"I’m looking forward to playing in one of the best leagues in the world to challenge myself to get better. I can’t wait for the season to kick off. I’m ready to learn and develop as a player on and off the field, and I feel like the move half way around the world, is one that will help me do so” .

Meikayla Moore (22)More than a minor part in "Rollo"´s final decision to make the big move to the other half of the planet played someone who already collected some "Bundesliga" experience: 22-year-old Meikayla Moore is the second player to deliver "Kiwi Power" to MSV Duisburg in the coming season and wore the jersey of relegated 1. FC Köln (Cologne) women's team in 2017/18.

Although being quite young, Meikayla - which in German is pronounced like the more familiar first name "Michaela" - already wore the Football Ferns national jersey many times and took part in 2015´s Women's World Cup in Canada.
The 22-year-old, called "Mouse" by her friends, aims to improve her football skills at Duisburg, which already has turned out to offer a good environment to the football fern:
"I am loving being in Duisburg so far, the apartment I am in is really nice and close to the city and training. The staff and players I have met so far are very friendly and welcoming and i am very excited to be here and be training and working under Thomas."

"I initially moved to Germany because at this point in my career I needed to be playing at a higher level to be able to better myself and to become a better player for the national team. The German Frauen Bundesliga is considered one of the best leagues in the world and I wanted to be a part of that. Cologne was a good beginning, however unfortunately the team was relegated to the second division and I wanted and needed to be playing in the first league and so now I´m at Duisburg! I’m very excited to be here."

Keep your fingers crossed for the "Globetrotter Trio" as well as for all other new MSV signings for sure!

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